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Specialization Counsel

"Helping Others Navigate Their Life’s Journey with Grace, Love and Hope while Living out Their Purpose”

Specialization Counsel

Pastoral and Leadership:

Often times our Pourers in Ministry and Leadership struggle with seeking counseling services for themselves. By purpose, they pour from their vessels without making sure their own vessel is full and healthy. This could lead to compassion fatigue, Burnout, Depression, Addiction, Spiritual Warfare and so many other detriments that would cause Mental Health Injury. Here at Embrace, we love to walk alongside your journey making sure you have a safe and secure space to be cared for and replenished. Seeking Godly Counsel with Therapists that are trained to integrate Spirituality and Traditional Therapy is a plus in making sure you have the skillset to continue to “Live on Purpose” towards helping others.

High Profile/Professional

It could be really hard to reach out for help and receive optimal care with discretion. Here at Embrace, it is not about Titles, what you do and who you are to others. It is about the impact of your daily life and the need for you to be cared for and not worry about safety and “small talk”Having a safe space to disclose confidential information without feeling judged is what we do here at Embrace. We are purposed to offer Grace, Love and Hope no matter who walks through our doors. We understand the need for discretion and honor that throughout our practice not for only celebrity or high-profile clientele but for EVERYONE. That is our mission and that is our purpose.