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"Where Grace, Love and Hope Greet You At The Door"

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Our Team of Purpose is here to Serve you.

Embrace Counseling and Consulting was inspired by wanting to be a resource of Hope for others. Through this concept, Embrace Founder realized most people struggle with giving themselves Grace and being comfortable with promoting self-love. On purpose, the flowers, butterflies, the sea and trees are placed throughout each page to represent transformation. Helping others navigate their life’s journey by integrating Grace, Love and Hope into the therapy session helps the client build a foundation that includes the mind, body and spirit to create a vision that they can envision for themselves, transform their lives and find their own sense of purpose.

Meet our Experienced Team of Therapists

Lyresa McGriff

Founder and Director


Windy Hill / Hiram

Lyresa McGriff Is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor who earned a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Richmont Graduate University. Lyresa is the Owner and Director of Embrace Counseling and Consulting, LLC as well as a practicing Psychotherapist. Lyresa specializes in Trauma and is intensively trained in EMDR with other Certifications such as Prepare Enrich for Pre-Marital and Marital Counseling, Anger Management Certification, and Telehealth Certification. Lyresa is also trained to integrate faith and spirituality for clients who desire counseling from a Christian perspective. Additionally, Lyresa is a National Board Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator to include Court mandate Classes, Evaluations and MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) for those in need of these services. Lyresa believes that everyone’s journey has a purpose and meets clients where they are with Grace, Love and Hope regardless of the circumstances that lead them to Embrace for help. Specializations include – PTSD/Trauma, Grief and Loss, Relationships and Marital Distress, End of Life/Transitional Care and Process Planning and Preparation, Life Skills/Coaching, Personal Growth, Parenting and Caregiver Support that serves Individual’s, Couples, Veterans and Seniors.In addition to Private Practice, Lyresa partners with others to serve and provide resources and training that help others lead healthy and productive lives. Lyresa believes in building up others from a Leadership perspective to help serve others in need. Specialized Mentorship and Counseling services are offered to Pastors, Shephard Leaders, Business Leaders, Other Therapists and Industry Servants in Ministry, Mental Health, Medical and Celebrity Profiles. Whatever our purpose is in life, we all need to have our Vessels poured into to be able to continue to give. Thanks for having me on your journey.

Christine Sims



Christine is a graduate of Richmont Graduate University where she earned her Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Children and Adolescents. She is also a certified Prepare/Enrich therapist for premarital and couples counseling. Christine has a background working within the educational systems with youth from various socioeconomic backgrounds. She also has experience working with families, couples, groups, and adults with a wide range of needs. She offers services from a Christian perspective. Christine’s style of therapy is warm, innovative, safe, fun, and interactive. She welcomes the opportunity to join you alongside your journey to wellness!

Charles Houston


Charles is a graduate of Richmont Graduate University where he earned his Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy. Charles is certified in Level 1 and level 2 of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy. He is a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator as well as a certified SYMBIS facilitator for marital and premarital couples counseling. Charles has a certificate to assist clients with Anger Management and enjoys helping clients develop self-care plans. Charles loves working with individuals, couples, and families and desires to encourage and empower clients from teenagers to members of our senior population. Charles is trained to integrate faith and spirituality for clients who desire counseling from a Christian perspective. Charles is open to face to face clinical sessions, phone sessions, and he is also trained to conduct Tele-mental Health sessions. His desire is to create a safe and healing environment where clients can reach their therapeutic goals and develop mental, emotional, and spiritual strength for their life journey toward wellness.

Amber Johnson


Amber earned her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a specialization in Sex Therapy, from Richmont Graduate University. Amber is a relational and vibrant therapist who has a passion for relationships. She enjoys working with diverse adults and elders—both as individuals and couples—who aspire to grow healthy relationships and emotional wellness. Amber uses a holistic approach, focusing on the mind-body connection. As an unapologetic extrovert, she has a uniquely engaging therapy style that provides a safe space for her clients to process their stories and explore their emotions. Amber’s expertise includes couples therapy, sex therapy, post-affair recovery, and relationship conflict. She also works with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and relational problems.

Cristina Morales


Not accepting clients at this time

Hello there, I am so glad you’re here! Whether you are looking for premarital, marital, or individual counseling you have come to the right place. Did you know that having healthy relationships actually helps us live longer and have fewer illnesses?! We can get into that when we meet, but I want to highlight the key word in that sentence: HEALTHY. Not perfect. Definitely not toxic. HEALTHY. So how do we develop, maintain, or reestablish healthy relationships? I am so glad you asked! My name is Tina and I am an Associate Professional Counselor, Master’s level Marriage and Family Therapist, and Certified Prepare & Enrich Facilitator. I specialize in helping couples and individuals work through their relationship dynamics, communication, and conflict in healthy and sustainable ways. With training in anxiety and trauma, I also empower individuals to navigate stressors utilizing their internal strengths. I’m going to be real with you, we will have uncomfortable conversations and we will need to look at your past and family history. I know that may be difficult, but we will navigate those areas in a safe and purposeful way. My approach to counseling is collaborative, faith based, and clinically informed which means we will work as a team and navigate the complexity of the process utilizing faith and science. If you’re ready to take the next step in your relational growth, I would love to hear from you. Let’s build relationships of quality together!

Monique Jones


Monique Jones, received her MA, with a specialization in sex therapy from from Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, GA. Monique has worked with couples, adults, children, teens and the homeless population (both men and women). She is very passionate towards those who happen to be in a period of transition in their lives due to unfortunate circumstances. Ms. Jones believes in compassionately guiding, and helping people process issues of unforgiveness, self-worth/empowerment, relationship building, sexual orientation, sexual identity, trauma, grief/loss, and addictions. She understands that while no two human experiences are the same, the interaction between herself and the client is uniquely its own experience.  

Charlese Williams


I specialize in working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma. I understand how self-doubt and perfectionism limit one's ability to believe in themselves while also creating personal standards for living that are unattainable. The negative messages and emotional/physical pain from the past are continuing to show up in the present moment and are hindering you from moving forward in your life. If are struggling to find a sense of calmness and peace in your life. I would be happy to assist you in breaking free from the constant worrying and weight of depression. I believe every client is on a different path and thus each person deserves an individualized treatment approach. We will work from a holistic approach meaning helping you to understand how your mind and body are connected, and how your thoughts and behaviors play a role in your overall mental health.

Charlese is currently under the supervision of Dr. Sonja Sutherland, Ph.D., LPC, BC-TMH, ACS

Jasmin Martin

Master Clinical Intern

Jasmin Martin, a Master's level intern in Walden's University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, is dedicated to working with adolescents and young adults. Her mission is to help them develop skills in implementing boundaries, setting goals, appropriate self-expression, and emotional self-regulation. Her interests include: generalized and social anxiety, depression, and identity development. Jasmin does not subscribe to one particular modality. She prefers to use an integrative approach which encompasses cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and person-centered therapy models. Jasmin defines her ultimate goal as assisting clients in identifying challenges and developing skills that empower them to inherit a broader insight and create positive change.

Dianna Maddox

Master Clinical Intern

Hello, my name is Dianna Maddox. I am a Master’s level Mental Health Counseling student at Richmont Graduate University. In my final year, I am serving at Embrace Counseling and Consulting as aMaster Clinical Intern to greet clients with Grace, Love and Hope and enthusiastically look forward toWalking alongside the journey with anyone needing someone to listen to them, guide them, and work collaboratively to create mental health and wellness.As a counselor-in-training, I am also prepared and can integrate faith and spirituality into the therapy room if one desires to do so. One of my specialties is Addictions. I love to help and assist those recovering from or amid addiction and their families. Additionally, I love to incorporate art into my therapy practices and approach therapy from a Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) framework. Lastly, as aTrauma informed Clinician in training, I am competent to sit with a mirid of other mental health and life’s concerns. Respect, Dignity, and compassion is engrained in the purpose of what I do.I will work with each person in a manner conducive to self-growth, healing, and transformation.

 David Ryan

Master Clinical Intern

David is a counselor in training and a student at Richmont Graduate University, where he will be graduating with his Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with certification in trauma counseling in 2024. David enjoys working with adolescents and young adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, and various personal issues. David became interested in becoming a counselor when he received therapy in college and how it was able to make a profound change in his own life. His purpose now is to give back to the community with the exact help given to him. He is very passionate about helping those who ask for help and guiding them into a journey of growth. Here at Embrace, he will meet you at the door with Grace, Love and Hope with the belief that there is power and meaning when telling one's story and finds value in being entrusted with these stories. David welcomes those who are ready to take the first step in healing.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I've been seeing Lyresa for a few years. When we first met, she was so warm and comforting and i instantly felt at ease. It was like talking with a friend. She is always encouraging, positive and has helped me through several difficult issues. She is skilled, knowledgeable and has a genuine love for her clients! If a stuffy therapy session isn't your thing and you are looking for something more inviting, I highly recommend Lyresa!

A. Ford


What Our Clients Say About Us

Prior to the start of my journey with Lyresa and Embrace counseling, I had many questions about myself. Questions like, "how to be a better me, how to control my emotions and how to set the tone for my everyday life." During my time with Embrace Counseling, I have not only learned to set boundaries and expectations for myself, but also what it means to truly love myself. With her guidance, i have successfully been able to alter the perceptions others have of me, and ultimately, the perception I have of myself. I strongly recommend Lyresa and Embrace counseling to any and all of my best friends and family.

B. Towns


What Our Clients Say About Us

"Lyresa is one of a kind, as she is able to help you put your life into perspective at your own pace. She can help you navigate through the toughest terrain you have been through and drop all of stuff you have been carrying around for years. Helping you help yourself is what Embrace Counseling means to me. Give her a call and experience the freedom to be who you are while learning new ways to help improve your life. There is no judgement with Lyresa, she is amazing! Thank you for the effort, patience and clarity you have given me."

M. Thomas