Where Grace, Love and Hope Greet You At The Door...

Motivational Speaking/Christian Workshops

"Helping Others Navigate Their Life’s Journey with Grace, Love and Hope while Living out Their Purpose”

Speaker Themes

  • Leadership / Professional Development, Community / Team Building, Health / Lifestyle, Customer service / Sales, Empowerment / Positivity, School (bullying, drug prevention, etc.)
  • People love our workshops!  We provide team building workshops and coaching services to businesses and individuals based on our customized, high-energy workshops that help people discover their strengths, maximize team dynamics and result in improved engagement, communication and productivity. We have a unique and inspirational way of teaching people how to use it! 
  • We also do keynote and motivational speeches on using Strengths in the workplace, how strengths can better your life and business, and creating a vision for your life/business. 
  • Virtual services provided.

Mental Health at the Church

  • Learn how what its like to walk on a journey that integrates spirituality and mental health care and enjoy the the “WHOLE” you….Mind, Body and Soul. 
  • Learn how to discern what it is you/congregants need to thrive in fellowship with each other and others.

Church Leadership and the Care of the Sheep

  • Learn how to care for others while keeping your vessel healthy
  • Learn how to discern when your congregant need Mental Health Services in addition to Spiritual Leadership

The Role of our Kings and Queens (Changing the Legacy of our Sons and Daughters)

  • Learn the role designed for man and woman to delight in relationship with purpose and legacy.
  • Learn to change the outcome of generational deterioration of family through understanding your role and purpose